Fall Adult Sunday School

First Service 8:45 a.m.

Full of Promise: An Overview (Doug Kinchley)

When you think of the Old Testament, do you think of boring history, hard-to-understand laws, and wonder why that stuff takes up two-thirds of the Bible? Join us as we survey the big picture of the Old Testament, God’s promises that shine through it, and how all the pieces fit together - pointing to the One Who was to come (Jesus), in Whom all God’s promises are “Yes and Amen.”

Location: Chapel

Portuguese Group: Study of Romans (Wellington Coutinho)

We are very excited to begin studying the book of Romans!  If you would like to learn the Word of God in Portuguese, please join us!  "...pois todos pecaram e estao destituidos da Gloria de Deus,..." Romanos 3:23 * Continuing from last quarter.

Location: Pastor’s Office

Faith on Target (Jeff Hendricks)

When we shift our faith away from God towards our own interests, God's voice fades into the background. Our love for others, then, becomes increasingly constrained by a distorted view of ourselves and others. This series will examine the transformative impact that a genuine and continually focused faith has on our relationship with God and others and His ultimate purpose for our lives. *Continuing from last quarter.

Location: Room 309

No Condemnation: Romans 8 (Guy Finch)

Join us for an in-depth study of one powerful chapter from the book of Romans! We will examine the new life we have been given in Christ, our heirship with Him, and the future glory and present love God lavishes on us.

Location: Music Suite A