Summer Adult Sunday School

First Service 8:45 a.m.

Basic Theology: Theology Proper & Bibliology (Doug Kinchley)

Far from being a dusty and dull study of facts, theology should be learning about who our God is and how that impacts our lives. Join us as we systematically approach major doctrines of our faith. This quarter, we will focus on Who the living and true God really is, His attributes, and how He has revealed Himself to us.

Location: Chapel

Portuguese Group: Study of Romans (Wellington Coutinho)

We are very excited to begin studying the book of Romans!  If you would like to learn the Word of God in Portuguese, please join us!  "...pois todos pecaram e estao destituidos da Gloria de Deus,..." Romanos 3:23 * Continuing from last quarter.

Location: Pastor Joel's Office

Pulling Together: Unity as the Body of Christ (Jeff Hendricks)

Join us as we study and discuss the relationships we have within the church and the mission that flows from pulling together as a unified body under Christ.

Location: Room 113

The Grace of Giving (Guy Finch)

New Testament Christians should be the most generous people on earth. Why? Because they are the recipients of the most generous gift in the history of the world—the unmerited favor of God—the gift of grace. The same open hands that receive the grace of God should release the grace of God in abundant giving—it all belongs to Him! * Continuing from last quarter.

Location: Music Suite A

Ladies: Praying God's Way (Joanne Lutz)

“God wants to hear from us; and it is when we talk to the Lord through prayer that we experience the closeness and personal touches of an ever-living and compassionate Father. This study is based on Biblical principles that teach us how to effectively communicate with God in a way that is pleasing to Him” (from the Bible Study by Rick Shepherd).

Location: 109