Winter Adult Sunday School

First Service 8:45 a.m.

Ladies' Group - From Creation to the Cross: A Study of Hebrews 11 (Christine Peters)

Take a walk through the Old Testament with us as we see how the foundations laid by the "Heroes of the Faith" are finished in us by faith today. *Continuing from last quarter.

Location: Library

Portuguese Group - A Study of Romans (Wellington Coutinho)

We are very excited to begin studying the book of Romans!  If you would like to learn the Word of God in Portuguese, please join us!  "...pois todos pecaram e estao destituidos da Gloria de Deus,..." Romanos 3:23 * Continuing from last quarter.

Location: Pastor’s Office

Faith on Target (Jeff Hendricks)

When we shift our faith away from God towards our own interests, God's voice fades into the background. Our love for others, then, becomes increasingly constrained by a distorted view of ourselves and others. This series will examine the transformative impact that a genuine and continually focused faith has on our relationship with God and others and His ultimate purpose for our lives. *Continuing from last quarter.

Location: Room 309

Not Bound: An Examination of Gospel Work in Difficult Places (Doug Kinchley)

Believers everywhere desperately need a renewed vision of Christ and the unstoppable advance of His saving work in all the earth. Using the video series Dispatches from the Front, we will learn about gospel advance around the world, while learning Biblical principles to impact our witness here.

Location: Chapel

The "I" in Revival (Guy Finch)

Do we have a nation and world in need of seeing the person and power of God? Absolutely! Join us as we study the principles and opportunities for revival that start with each of us.

Location: Music Suite A

Second Service 10:15 a.m.

Ladies' Group: Following God's Will (Kathy Deselle)
What does God want me to do?  We need to know God's will as often as we need to make decisions, yet sometimes His will can seem hard to figure out. This interactive class explores twelve "signposts" God commonly uses to reveal His will. We will encourage each other to recognize, correctly interpret, and follow these road signs on our journey together. 

Location: Room 305