How you can Join

Joining a local church is just like becoming part of a family.  Commitment, love, respect, unity, diversity, sacrifice, and service are all part of what makes a church exist like a family - God's family.

To attend our church is simple... COME! To join in membership is also simple, yet an important process.

To join simply:

  1. Read our Church Constitution.
  2. Read our Church Covenant.
  3. Fill out a Membership Application (print PDF or complete the Online Membership Application below.

Once you have completed these steps and have given a clear testimony of salvation, a deacon will contact you to meet with you and your family. You will then be recommended for membership to Pastor Joel.  After meeting with the deacons, you will have completed the process of membership and will be welcomed into the church family during one of our church services. 

For more information about joining our church membership, please contact the Church Office.