Master's Program - Piedmont university

Degree Program

Merrimack Valley Baptist Church has partnered with Piedmont International University to offer a master’s degree program.The Master of Arts in Ministry degree is a 30 credit hour program made up of ten courses that each feature twelve video classes that will be streamed to a classroom at Merrimack Valley Baptist Church. Students seeking the master’s degree must hold a recognized bachelor’s degree and must enroll online at Piedmont individually. In addition to attending classes weekly, each student will need to log onto Piedmont’s Blackboard servers between classes for discussions, class assignments, and exams. The cost for taking each class for credit is $299 and there is a one-time application fee of $55.

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Enrichment Program

An enrichment option is available for those who don’t have a bachelor’s degree or who would like to take classes without working toward a degree. The cost is $39 per class. Attendance will be tracked and each person will receive a certificate at the end of each course. After attending all ten courses, graduates will receive a certificate of completion from Piedmont International University.

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