Summer Adult Sunday School

First Service 8:45 a.m.

Next Steps Class (Kevin St. John)

Following up on the Decision America Northeast Tour, we will be studying basic steps to begin growing as a follower of Jesus. This class is for individuals who have recently put their trust in Jesus, as well as those who trusted Jesus previously and would like to study basic topics of discipleship.

Location: Room 109

A Survey of Christian History (Doug Kinchley)

Utilizing the video series, Christian History Made Easy, with Dr. Timothy Paul Jones, we will survey 2,000 years of God working is His church. Dr. Jones brings to life the fascinating people and events that shaped our world through dramatic stories told with a touch of humor. We will cover topics such as the early church, medieval conflicts, the Protestant Reformation, 19th century missions, modernity, and postmodernism.

Location: Chapel

A Study of the Minor Prophets (Jeff Hendricks)

God is unchanging. The God who created the universe and everything in it is the same God you and I worship today. We will be studying what we can learn about God’s sovereignty, holiness, and love through the eyes of the Minor Prophets at a time when God related to mankind through direct encounters with a select few. *This class is continuing from last quarter, new members are welcome to join!*

Location: Room 113

Caring for Others (Joe Bouchoc)

Most of us know that as Christians we have a responsibility to love other people. However, this is often one of the hardest aspects of the Christian life. This class will explore what it means to love other people and how we can practically love them each day.

Location: Room 111

Financial Peace University (Cathy Gee)

It’s time to stop worrying about money! This course is a proven plan to help you keep a budget, beat debt, and save! Dave Ramsey and his team teach every lesson with Biblical wisdom, and you’ll get support and encouragement along the way. Signup at:

Location: Room 117

News of the Hour: A Study of Mark (John Daniels)

How would you respond to the news that the long-awaited king of Israel, the Messiah, has arrived? He has come with the power and authority of God, healing the sick and ruling over demons, but He also seems to be focusing on His impending death and humiliation. How do those realities relate and what will happen to His kingdom if He does die? Join us as we study this unfolding drama through the Gospel of Mark.

Location: Music Suite A

All Teens' Study: Explore the Bible (Pastor Dan Beaulieu & Mrs. Susan Laird)

All teens will meet together for prayer and an overview lesson before dividing into age specific groups to discuss portions of Scripture, build up Bible study abilities, and learn important truths God’s Word holds for His disciples.

Location: Room 114