Fall Adult Sunday School

First Service 8:45 a.m.

Basic Theology: Angelology (Doug Kinchley)

Theology should be learning about who our God is and how that impacts our lives. We will systematically approach major doctrines of our faith, focusing on Angels, the Devil, and Demons. Because many Christians are tempted to either ignore or overemphasize these supernatural beings, it is important that we understand the truth that God’s Word reveals about them.

Location: Chapel

Portuguese Group: Study of Romans (Wellington Coutinho)

We are very excited to begin studying the book of Romans!  If you would like to learn the Word of God in Portuguese, please join us!  "...pois todos pecaram e estao destituidos da Gloria de Deus,..." Romanos 3:23 * Continuing from last quarter.

Location: Pastor Joel's Office

A Study of the Minor Prophets (Jeff Hendricks)

God is unchanging. The God who created the universe and everything in it is the same God you and I worship today. We will be studying what we can learn about God’s sovereignty, holiness, and love through the eyes of the Minor Prophets at a time when God related to mankind through direct encounters with a select few.

Location: Room 113

Habakkuk (Guy Finch)

Habakkuk was not the first of saints to ask God the “Why?” and “How?” questions, and we find that God does not fear them. When a person asks those questions with a spirit of respect, like Habakkuk did, we learn that we can bring our deepest concerns to God.

Location: Music Suite A

The Early Church (Tom Hovious)

How did the church begin? We will look through the Scriptures together to understand the timeline and people involved to see how the early church was formed.

Location: Room 109

All Teens' Study: Explore the Bible (Pastor Dan Beaulieu & Mrs. Susan Laird)

New this quarter: all teens will meet together for prayer and an overview lesson before dividing into age specific groups to discuss portions of Scripture, build up Bible study abilities, and learn important truths God’s Word holds for His disciples.

Location: 117