Spring Adult Sunday School

First Service 8:45 a.m.

Basic Theology: Jesus Christ (Doug Kinchley)

Far from being a dusty and dull study of facts, theology should be learning about who our God is and how that impacts our lives. Join us as we systematically approach major doctrines of our faith. This quarter, we will focus on Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. We will be discussing some of the following questions: Who is Jesus Christ? Is Jesus God? What did Jesus do? Did Jesus rise from the dead? Why is having a relationship with Jesus so important?

Location: Chapel

A Study of the Minor Prophets (Jeff Hendricks)

God is unchanging. The God who created the universe and everything in it is the same God you and I worship today. We will be studying what we can learn about God’s sovereignty, holiness, and love through the eyes of the Minor Prophets at a time when God related to mankind through direct encounters with a select few.

Location: Room 113

Selective Psalms (Guy Finch)

“The Psalms are rich in human experience, at times they ring with the din and noise of battle, and at other times they take us with hushed hearts into the inner sanctuary, and into the presence of God. For the Psalms touch all the notes in the keyboard of human emotion, here we have love and hate, joy and sorrow, hope and fear, peace and strife, faith and despair. This is the stuff in which life is made.” (John Phillips-paraphrase)

We’ll spend this semester looking through selective Psalms together.

Location: Music Suite A

Hermeneutics: Learning How to Understand the Bible (Joe Bouchoc)

Interpreting the Bible is harder than it might seem, but the stakes are high. Wrong interpretations lead to false teaching, and false teaching takes people off the path. Through this class we will learn how to accurately interpret the Bible in a way that leads us to delight in our great God.

Location: Room 109

Piedmont Master's Class: Teaching the Bible (Kevin St. John)

This class is designed to lead students in the craft of teaching as Jesus taught, equipping them to share in large rooms or on an individual basis, whether they consider themselves teachers or not. Throughout, students will be able to better understand their role as stewards of God’s truth and discover creative ways to convey that truth to others. **This class may be taken for personal enrichment or credit toward a Master of Ministry Degree through Piedmont. For registration and cost information, click here.**

Location: Room 117

All Teens' Study: Explore the Bible (Pastor Dan Beaulieu & Mrs. Susan Laird)

All teens will meet together for prayer and an overview lesson before dividing into age specific groups to discuss portions of Scripture, build up Bible study abilities, and learn important truths God’s Word holds for His disciples.

Location: Room 114

Second Service 10:15 a.m.

News of the Hour: A Study of Mark (John Daniels)

How would you respond to the news that the long-awaited king of Israel, the Messiah, has arrived? He has come with the power and authority of God, healing the sick and ruling over demons, but He also seems to be focusing on His impending death and humiliation. How do those realities relate and what will happen to His kingdom if He does die? Join us as we study this unfolding drama through the Gospel of Mark.

Location: Room 109