Life Groups

Life Groups are the environment where close relationships can develop as we enjoy food, discuss life and how God would have us follow Him, and pray for one another. Groups typically run for nine-week sessions in January-March, May-June, and September-November. 
Our fall Life Group session begins Sunday, September 8.  Click on the link below to find group information and availability.

Frequently asked Questions

What if I have teens or children?

Pay close attention to the description of each group to determine which group will meet your family's needs.

When do Life Groups meet?

Life Groups will meet for 3 9-week sessions (January-March, May-June, and September-November).  Each group will determine one day/time per week that works for the members involved.

What is the commitment level?

We see these groups as vital to spiritual growth, so we ask that after the initial 3-week trial period, you commit to a group for the remainder of the session.  At the end of each session you will have the opportunity to recommit or move to another group.

How do I join a Life Group?

Find a group by stopping by the Life Groups Information Desk in the Church Atrium to contact the Leader to the Life Group you would like to join, commit, and begin experiencing life together.

How do I know if there is space in a Life Group?

The best way is to contact the Life Group Leader directly (see above for emails) or you can visit the Life Group Center in the Atrium on Sunday mornings.